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Letter in Support for the Redevelopment of Mary Ellen McCormack

Send a personal letter of support for the Mary Ellen McCormack project to the City of Boston.

Dear Boston Planning & Development Agency,

I am writing today to express my support for the redevelopment of Mary Ellen McCormack in South Boston being undertaken by the BHA, MEM Task Force and their development partner, WinnDevelopment. I support this project because it will transform the current obsolete public housing into a high quality mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood for people from all walks of life.

The BHA, MEM Task Force and WinnDevelopment have assured current residents that each of the existing 1,016 affordable units will be replaced one-for-one and that households will be guaranteed a right to return to a brand new, energy efficient apartment home that is the right size for their family. It’s also incredibly exciting to know that more than 2,000 middle-income and market rate apartments will be added, helping to address Boston’s housing shortage and financially subsidizing the replacement of the affordable housing units. The addition of retail shops and a Community of Opportunity Center to hold programs, family services and classes, will be a benefit to all future residents, as well.

The reimagined neighborhood features parks and green space, and better connections to the surrounding neighborhood and community assets.

There is so much to look forward to at the new Mary Ellen McCormack, and I believe this project will be a major benefit to the City of Boston in the years ahead. I am truly excited for this project to begin and encourage you to support it as well.


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